Tom Sherman has worked as a graphic designer in various creative industries for over a decade. 

Everything from designing shop-fronts, wrapping sports cars, experiential-events for worldwide, household names, wayfinding graphics in an office building to the name of the company on the building itself. Never one to shy away from a challenge, if something needs a creative solution, Tom is the guy.

All through his time working in the design industry, both agency-side and client-side, Tom dreamt of designing T-shirts; of being his own client.

Then in May 2013, after toying with various ideas, the concept of Calm & Ready was born! Based on the notion of the Yin & Yang, it would be a minimalist line of either black or white T-shirts, made from environmentally responsible organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks.

Within a couple of months, the first run of shirts and hoodies were printed, with a second run later the same year.


Then Tom realised something. He had no idea how to market and sell apparel. Design, sure. No problem. However, how do you get your message out and tell the world about your clothing line? 

Cue the next four years of testing, evolving, reading (so much reading), and learning. Calm & Ready has—more than anything—become an exercise in developing multiple new skills and working out what does and doesn't fit, while all the while staying true to oneself and the vision set out many years (and many failures) before.


So thank you for visiting the website, and supporting a graphic designer trying to figure all of this stuff out!