5 things from the last week…

It’s a weird thing getting back to normal after two months of hospital and sickness. Two months is a long time to step away from your life. As a result, I’m still getting back to normal and have been playing catch up with a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do while I was sick.

And so, this week my blog post is a little different. I’m taking a queue from Tim Ferriss’ weekly email list “Five Bullet Friday” and sharing five things from this last week which I’m really digging, and hopefully, you guys will find something cool/interesting/useful from one or two of them.

Being grateful when life knocks you down.

The problem with having plans is every now-and-then life throws a spanner in the works, and there's nothing you can do but watch as all your plans fall apart in front of your eyes. You can fight it, complain about it, cry about it, wish it wasn't so, or—worst of all— dwell on it and think about the million things you could’ve done to stop it from happening. But, inevitably, it still all falls apart.

90-Day Goals

So I write lists compulsively. It’s an obsession. I carry two small notebooks with me every day and have more at home. Here are some of the lists I keep:


What I'm talking about is not the general sense of honesty where you tell your friends and loved ones eighty-percent-truths mixed in with what they want to hear, but withholding things that might hurt their feelings. Truths like they don’t know how to sing; or their idea for a screenplay is terrible; or that their experimental cooking is inedible - bordering on human cruelty.

Living With Anxiety

I drafted this blog post in my head while trying not to piss my pants during a Mag3 scan to confirm the function of my right kidney. A Mag3 scan requires the patient (me) to drink a litre of water beforehand. Then you're injected with a diuretic and then told to lie still and not move for half an hour. 

The Blog Is Late

I didn’t post to my blog this weekend. When I started this, my goal was to get something online every Sunday without fail. This week I failed. I didn’t know what to write about.

Two Years on Two Wheels

Two years ago today I got my full motorcycle licence. And one year ago I wrote this blog post about what I love about motorcycle riding. So I thought it was only fitting, on this anniversary, to write a bit more about motorcycles. For this blog post, I thought I’d list some of the lessons learned from riding that I didn't get from my instructor.

Case Study: Graphica Display Exhibition Stand 2017

Around the new year, my director asked me to design an exhibition stand for our company, Graphica Display, for two shows we would be exhibiting at in April and May of this year. My brief had two objectives for the stand: It has to have a standard size ping-pong table on it, and it has to show off our in-house manufacturing capabilities. Otherwise, I could do pretty much what I wanted.

Decision Fatigue

If you ever eat at a restaurant with me, particularly if it’s a restaurant that I’ve never eaten in before, there’s a strong chance that I’ll order the same thing you do. Not because you have excellent taste (you totally do, by the way) but, for the last couple of years, I have been working to remove smaller decisions from my life...


My father is one of the most disciplined people I know. He’s up, showered and shaved and is eating breakfast by 7 am every day, and he’s in his 80s. I’ve seen him unshaven once in my entire life, and that was when he returned from a two-week fishing trip, on which he had forgotten to take his razor.

Why I'm Writing this Blog...

I realise it's a bit odd to be posting this on week three, not week one, but I'm still getting a feel for what this blog will be.

I wanted to start blogging for a while. I should say restart, as there was a half-hearted attempt last year which I undertook with no real sense of direction and no plan or structure. That didn’t last long.