5 things from the last week…

It’s a weird thing getting back to normal after two months of hospital and sickness. Two months is a long time to step away from your life. As a result, I’m still getting back to normal and have been playing catch up with a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do while I was sick.

And so, this week my blog post is a little different. I’m taking a queue from Tim Ferriss’ weekly email list “Five Bullet Friday” and sharing five things from this last week which I’m really digging, and hopefully, you guys will find something cool/interesting/useful from one or two of them.


LJ Motorcycles
I had to get my motorcycle serviced, which was well overdue, especially after it had sat unmoved for two months while I was in the hospital. I was recommended LJ Motorcycles by an old flatmate and long-time biker. Before they were LJ Motorcycles, they were called Blays of Twickenham and were famous in the area. Any bikers who read this post, I can’t recommend LJ Motorcycles enough. They’ve looked after both of my motorcycles for me, one a 30-year-old classic, and the other a relatively new 4-year-old. Not only is their expertise first-rate, but they’re great for a bit of banter and full of bike related wisdom. Every time I visit I learn something new and find myself wanting to stay and chat all day.

This isn’t a paid endorsement, I’m just a huge fan of their work!

Part of my recuperation has been looking at my diet. More than ever I’m trying to eat as healthily as possible. I’ve been pretty good when it comes to what I eat for a while now, but I’m really trying to double down and eat as clean as possible. It’s tricky, especially when it’s near the end of the working day and I’m craving that sugar hit! I discovered this tasty ramen recipe a couple of weeks ago and have made it four times already! It’s a nice balance of not too complicated to make, but with a variety of healthy ingredients in it.

Run 10k & 30 Day Plank apps
The other side of recuperation has been exercise. For six weeks I had to be really careful about what I did, so as not to tear any stitches or injure myself, but now I’m clear of that I’ve been getting back on it. There are two apps I have regularly been using, one is Run 10k which I’ve been using for a while and was getting well into just before I went into the hospital. It has a fine balance of time exercising vs difficulty. As I have to ease back into exercise, it’s perfect because the early stages are mainly walking with intermittent runs spaced out to keep the heart rate up.
The 30 Day Plank app was one I found specifically after surgery as I now have a collection of holes in my abdominal wall and wanted to focus on strengthening my core.

God moving over the Face of the Waters
This time last year I was driving with my flatmate and her family through the Scottish highlands on the way to the Outer Hebrides. While it was my first time in the that far into Scotland, they are from Uist and have made the journey many times. One of their traditions is playing Moby while driving through the Highlands. I didn’t understand it before we got there, but when you’re confronted by some of the most staggering natural beauty I’ve ever seen, suddenly Moby felt appropriate, particularly this song…

5 Minute Journal
This is a direct recommendation from the Tim Ferriss podcast. After writing about gratitude last week, I wanted to explore that practice a bit more, and so purchased the 5-Minute Journal. I’m only a little way into it so far, but the daily practice of focusing on the positives from each day are sure to have a cumulative effect over time (as the book and the science behind it suggests). I’m enjoying the process so far and am looking forward to seeing the long term effect it has on my outlook. (This isn't a paid endorsement either).

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