Getting back into my routine…

I'm only writing a quick blog post this week as I have been really busy these last seven days.

It was my first full week back at work post-surgery. It was fun to be doing stuff after a couple of months of lying in bed. And, thankfully, not too stressful either. The only thing I found a bit difficult was pulling an all-dayer. While I was in the hospital/recuperating my sleep schedule was all over the place, so I got into the habit of taking a nap in the afternoon. Can’t do that in the office, as much as I’d like to.

I’ve also been regaining weight at a nice pace which is good, I’m feeling more like my old self every day. I’m still not as strong as I was and still get out of breath from doing little things, but that will improve with time. The most frustrating part of recovery from surgery is that I can exercise properly yet, my surgical wounds are still healing and putting too much strain through my core hurts. A lot. Sneezing is something I’m still very wary of.

Aside from work and recovering—and the main reason I’m not writing more this week is—I have been working on some major updates to this website. A new-look Calm & Ready website is coming very soon, and I’ve been using all the spare hours I’ve had to get it online. I was hoping it would be done by today, but it was just a bit too much work. 

Soon though, very soon...

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