About Our products

From its very inception Calm & Ready was always going to have strong values, rooted in its environmental responsibility. So naturally when it came to choosing our garments we demanded the very best. What we got, however, was even better.

All of our garments are from Continental Clothing's award winning EarthPositive line which has some seriously stand-out accolades:

  • 100% organic cotton, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. 
  • Low-impact farming, in regions where organic cotton is planted and harvested by hand, without mechanisation or petroleum-based chemical fertiliser, pesticide or herbicide.
  • Carbon- neutral manufacturing facilities in India, as well as carbon neutral warehouses and offices in London.
  • Fair-trade practices, under the organic standard farmers and agricultural workers are protected by stringent social criteria across the entire supply chain.
  • Fair Wear Foundation, independently audits the supply chain to promote fair labour conditions and seek an end to the social injustice of "sweatshop" manufacturing practices.


When it comes to printing our clothing, our screen-printer of choice is just as responsible. They were the first screen-printer in the UK to use 100% solvent-free water-based inks and to this day provide free support to print studios around the world to help them make the switch too.

Finally, all other packaging and materials we use are as environmentally friendly as we can find, from the recycled card in our boxes and business cards, to using tissue paper instead of plastic to wrap our shirts. Even our packing tape is recyclable! And we're always looking for ways to improve.

I believe that if we take care of our surroundings, they will take care of us.
— Adam Savage